New Fukishima sloarplate print and frame

New Fukishima sloarplate print ans frame

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2 thoughts on “New Fukishima sloarplate print and frame

  1. a week or two ago there was a detailed discussion on solar plates and exposure times.
    i’ve been working w/ pre-treated solar plates for about a year and have had some successes, but there is still a question re: exposure times.

    i first learned using natural sunlight and exposed both the aquatinit screen and the plate for 3 minutes – we then did a workshop using a light table and had issues with exposure times.

    today i want to use natural light, but could use some clarification on the best times for the best results – can you help?

  2. I will try! I’ve used natural sunlight for most of my exposures. There are variables like time of day, location and conditions etc. I live in Scotland and did almost all of my exposures in a hot August, with bright clear mid-day sunlight, I varied my exposure times from 30 sec’s to 2 mins and 30 sec’s. The best thing to do is cut some test strips, on the day you are going to expose the plates do the test plates with 30 second intervals in the sun. This will give you a good idea of the right exposure time to use for your actual plates. Any help?

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